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Large format auto feeding CO2 laser cutting machine




This ultra-thin cnc glass cutting machine is for cutting ultra-thin glass(thickness 0.2-8mm),such

as optical glass,liquid crystal glass,mobile screen protector glass,touch screen glass,OGS process

of ultra-glass. This machine can cut glass in to any shape by one time through CCD automatic

select and position.



Fuction of software:

1.    user can change the cutting point as they wish

2.    it can optimize graphics and set type automatically

3.    there are 56 typesetting graphics can be chosen.

4.    It is easy to operate because of typesetting and control is in same software

5.    It can optimize the tool path automatically if user need to cut in different areas.

6.    User can edit different areas cutting but no need to make graphics

7.    blowing and adsorbing can be converse freely

8.    it can add dividing line when you do irregular shape cutting.

9.    You can stop temporarily when cutting.

10.  It can stock 360 measurements.

11.  The software will advise if input wrong measurement.

12.  It can correct the tool path tolerance.


Technical parameter:





Working size(mm)




Cutting thickness


Cutting speed


Accuracy of marble table